Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Gift Donation Guarantee a Placeholder on Robert's Love Map?

When you sponsor an orphan of the Robert Love foundation we offer you an opportunity to be added to our community Love Map. This can promote your name or business within our network and increase you favor in Christ. I sadly cannot guarantee that every gift contributor will receive a placeholder on the Love Map. That said, I do try my best to prioritize 4 to 5 star organizations to benefit our Great Neighbors and highly discourage selfish business practices.

How Efficient Is Your Charity and How Do You Compare With Other Organizations?

For every dollar donated to World Vision, 84 cents goes to their mission.
For every dollar donated to Helen Keller, 85 cents goes to their mission.
For every dollar donated to United Way, 86 cents goes to their mission.
For every dollar donated to Goodwill, 87 cents goes to their mission.
For every dollar donated to Girls Inc., 88 cents goes to their mission.
For every dollar donated to American Humane, 92 cents goes to their mission.

For every dollar donated to, >93 cents goes to our mission. We do not claim to be the most efficient, but considering our average transaction fee is 4.89%, our efficacy is Legendary with only one man running the majority of operations.

Does Your Charity Foundation Provide Tuition Assistance and Who Qualifies?

The Robert Love foundation offers future tuition assistance of at least $1,000 for all children under the age of 3. As founder and C.E.O. I aim to provide college tuition assistance to as many candidates as possible who graduate High School with a GPA of 3.0 or higher (i.e. Honor Role). These "bonds" issued by the Robert Love foundation shall be considered conditional—per diem, and shall be invalid if the student does not achieve the minimum GPA requirement. I strive to encourage strong student and parental accountability.

Are You IRC 501(c)(3) Approved?

The Robert Love foundation is intentionally not IRC 501(c)(3) because our purpose is to create and promote genuine charity. We as Biblical Christians find that the majority of charitable organizations under IRC 501(c)(3) abuse this tax loophole for donations that exceed $17,000 per individual per year, or far beyond what the average person contributes to charity. The incentive to give to orphans and neighbors should have nothing to do with tax credits or tax incentives and everything to do with the Sincere Love of Jesus Christ.

How Can Robert Love Help My School, Ministry, Orphanage or Bible Church?

The Robert Love foundation emphasizes strictly on faith and obedience to the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. If your Christian organization is found to be Genuine and Sincere in your Love mission for Jesus, then we shall consider promoting your mission and ministry work on an international scale through our charity livestream and the Robert Love official YouTube channel. This can introduce your school, ministry, orphanage or church to believers all around the world, and encourage them to support our mission at

How Do I Know You Are Legit? What Financial Documents Are Available?

The Robert Love foundation operates under the proprietorship of Robert Love and Robert's Computer Service out of Cavite, Philippines. To ensure complete satisfaction and assurance to our donors and skeptics, I always have my recent IRS Tax Return and Yearly Accounting Spreadsheet fully available to the public domain and you may download them Here. My confidence is in Christ, and I strongly encourage others to be as Genuine, Honest and Transparent as I am.

How Will My Contribution Be Spent and What Do You Benefit from My Charity?

Our spending priority of the Robert Love foundation are children's schools and orphanages all around the world—This includes building new schools, and providing children with food and clothes. Your charity also goes to the administration of our foundation, charity giveaways, education grants, and finally awarding 1 penny of every dollar to me for my perseverance as the President (C.E.O.), Accounting Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, and (my favorite!) Systems Admin of the Robert Love foundation.

Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

– Mathew 11:28