Lock your doors because you are valuable. I monitor 24/7 surveillance and you should too. ReoLink is so cheap, and unless you are a Secret Agent, China who bugs your cameras wants nothing to do with you.


Clean and maintain your computers easily with a simple Defrag and Disk Cleanup in the morning or afternoon. For a modern NVME or M.2 SSD storage drive this should take no longer than 2-3 minutes of your time.


This is an excellent example of a show-stopping category which really is quite simple. What I do here is manage an excel file for each year of my service business and charity. To be fair, there are nine spreadsheets in 1.

Charity King 👑

Competitive gaming for the purpose of generating lots of wealth for other people. Quite the fascination and what a pipe dream they said... Yes, through my G*d and His Son Jesus I will shake all the four corners.


OBS is the go-to steaming software, and the comeback from where they were and are now is fantastic. As a intuitive person starting from scratch, I was able to get my stream cleaned up and online within only 15 minutes.


This category should simply be Outlook, because it sounds more fancy than it actually is. Here I manage an exchange of eight emails, in that I check, read and reply to immediate inquiries or anything on schedule.


I started this adventure with primarily one thing in mind, which was to build custom computers for a living. I am so proud to have a G*D that provided me a nearly $10,000 build as my first custom computer order.


Microsoft Word is a super powerful tool where I source my templates and update or modify the sections I need to as it pertains to my business, or when I am attempting to negotiate contracts with signatures required.


I added this category because I am a lunatic for flash drives and micro-managing most of my tools and services through portable media. I have probably 10 USB drives sitting around, empty or pre-loaded with software.


As a former criminal and now saint of the Lord Jesus Christ, I am as wise as a serpent and delicate as a dove. I have an ability to find out who you are, where you have been, what you have done, and where you may be.


Things may not look so vibrant on the first take and you should know this if you are Biblically married, because you affirm the woman you Love by holding your peace and not ever condemning yourself for misspeaking.


This refers to anything I have to use Paint 3D for, which thank our Lord Jesus is 100 times superior than the original MS Paint. My high school buddies are amazed as I am, because they appreciate the little things.

Movie Maker

Editing videos has become so easy within the last 20 years of software development and I encourage anyone with a motive to create videos to download MS Video Editor. It's essentially the modern MS Movie Maker.


This is the hype for me. Aside from playing League all day, my next aspiration in Life was running my benchmarks and showcasing the potential of what locked hardware can do. Try 6Ghz BCLK OC i3


When I was 13 years old I set up my first localhost port 80 webserver that was used to manage the player creation on my private World of Warcraft servers. Today I manage hosting and web development for two websites.


I always wanted to be a water-cooling master but instead of doing what most men do which is to start with a single or two piece hardware loop, what I decided to do is take on a $20,000 water-cooled mining monster.

Snow Expert

Living in Somersworth for 10 years seems pretty ridiculous to me. Every year I have to shovel at least 15" of snow all at once and this can be very tiring and a huge nuisance. If you do it for me, I will pay you $100/hour.


Anything I touch I usually find a better way to make it work, or purpose for something that seemed otherwise completely useless and outdated. Take my 2011 HTC phone programed as my OBD reader in my truck.

Happy Smiles

Amongst all the darkness there is Light in children, especially my nephew Levi who is prophesied to rescue my family and bear witness to the Truth. Although I am destined to stay apart, I showcase the Inheritance Sword.

Crash Course

Ahh, the beginning of the end. If you are a survivor like me, you may think the chaos is over but verily it has only begun to test your strength. Having nearly killed myself and my ex-wife breaking my spine, here I am.


This is where I'm learning how to become a Great representative of my foundation by providing operation updates and encouragement to the families, staff and children. Thankfully I have Jesus to help me present.

Mom's Pizza

My mom and papa growing up had always made the best homemade pizzas a child can imagine, somehow, someway. After 10 years depart from home my mom finally showed me how to make an awesome pizza.

Healthy Conspiracy

Don't let people ruin your research by doubting who you are and what you have found, because people are gullible and will buy into whatever they have paid a lot of money to learn. Come to find out most of it is a lie.

Good Fridays

I always wondered why I took this photo, but now I know that it was to sell myself. Thank God I rarely ever have to wear this attire, because it totally does not represent me or who I am. My interactions define casualness.


Since 2008 which puts me at about 14 years old I opened an eBay account and online store as a backup to sell my items at considerable discounts, because eBay is not for making money unless you are eBay.

Father's Firearms

Behind the scenes I Love firearms, and you usually won't find me without one cocked and locked and within about 18" from my Right hand. I find that a lot of men are intimidated by me, until I gift them one of my guns.